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Shiny Story
21 February 2017 @ 09:35 pm
I don't know what this is about my accidentally deleting histories of stuff I care about--bookmarks, music libraries.

(And what does this say about my current unflappable calm, which in itself is out of the ordinary, and my wide-eyed faith that I will prevail in all the restoration efforts.) 
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Shiny Story
20 February 2017 @ 11:59 am
Things on my mind lately:

1. Fixing my stationery stash, primarily the pens.
2. Trying to find classes to learn how to knit.
3. Planning a quick vacation.
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Shiny Story
19 February 2017 @ 12:40 pm
It's very much a dry season--or maybe, just busy, and therefore, it feels like it's a run-down kind of time. There are things to work on, both in real life and outside of it, a sort of husbandry involved in the cultivation of a life and the moments to catch. 
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Shiny Story
18 February 2017 @ 11:37 am
I crave, very much, something to read. I feel too dumbed down lately. 
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Shiny Story
17 February 2017 @ 11:05 am
I have too many thoughts (and hormones) for my own good, sometimes. I'm highly excitable when all I want to do is pin down an idea I've been chasing and get it on paper. Things.
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Shiny Story
16 February 2017 @ 07:04 pm
I went down a YouTube rabbit hole (and many of these really did keep me up at night).

James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Jimmy Fallon's Wheel of Musical Impressions

Graham Norton

(And these are both from Jimmy Fallon, but really it was more about the guests in these ones.)

Second-hand embarrassment and a raise the roofCollapse )
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Shiny Story
08 February 2017 @ 07:25 pm
#CurrentMode  Trying out this and that (everything legal) to just lift the mood

#NowWatching Eddie Redmayne

I'm binging on all that I've missed on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them promotional interviews, particularly of the cast, and most specially of the really charming Mr. Eddie Redmayne. I'm in much need of a pick-me-up these days--and in conjunction with chocolates to hold off, you know, dementors, I don't think there's anyone more disarming than this charming man.

But, really, I'm a fan of interviews, in general. (I can see your yeah-right face. Stop it.)

#MustRead  The Light Between Oceans

I've been looking for this book for at least a year, so I'm hoping that I get a copy--preferably physical, but an ebook will do, and dig into it very soon.
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Shiny Story
07 February 2017 @ 11:37 am
I've just been looking out for a way to break out of these bad vibes and hot mess and cesspool of things-going-wrong, but I don't know how. That bothers me much more than I care to talk about.
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Shiny Story
03 February 2017 @ 06:19 pm
Only the loud-crying-out emoji is able to describe me right now: I had accidentally wiped out my entire iTunes library. I still have my iPod, and I really want to restore the library from the iPod--because that's about six years' worth of obsessive-compulsive organization of albums and cover art and playlists. 
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Shiny Story
02 February 2017 @ 03:36 pm
Shane West and Mandy Moore as Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan
A Walk to Remember, 2002.
Promotional still

Not very long ago--just a week ago, a lot of nostalgia surrounded A Walk to Remember (the film, not the original source novel) has turned 15 years old. (That should be written 15. YEARS. AGO.) The default reaction would really be: Oh, wow, I feel so. Old. Like. VERY. VERY. OLD.

I read the book way before, and fell in love with how simple and default-cheesy-and-sappy it was, so I looked forward to the movie. I loved the trailer so much, though--in all honesty, I did have those misgivings about modernizing it (the novel set it in the 1950s) and having a very green Mandy Moore, and a not-appealing-to-me Shane West playing my beloved Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter.

On another tangent, around the time I read A Walk to Remember the novel, I saw a student film where two female characters were frenemies of sorts and started a verbal catfight by dissing each other.




Then a long silence on screen, but the audience laughed out loud. It was funny; it was really, really funny to me, too.

But juxtaposed against the innocence of A Walk to Remember, that just really spoke to me about how something society in general used to value became something that derogatory now.

And so I think, in light of that, what the nostalgia for A Walk to Remember to me, is about is how much I have changed. How much I have grown up. And A Walk to Remember is still the same--young and innocent; cheesy and sappy, yes, but also earnest and pure. It's a simple thing from a simple time, and would that that lasted forever.

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Shiny Story
01 January 2017 @ 08:04 am
May this be the year we carry our own sun, drawn from the deepest peace, buoyant hope and ubiquitous joy. May grit walk along with grace, and blessings with blights.

May we rediscover our magic, and so make miracles. May we rejuvenate our passions, and so prosper us.

May true goodness come from our heads, hearts and hands. 
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Shiny Story
31 December 2016 @ 10:42 pm
It was not all good, but it was not ALL bad. No matter how I hurt, I had the chance to heal, with kindness, compassion and mercy. Grace abounds and it is a time of gratitude.

In the end, the sum of good comes up more than the sum of bad.

Thank you, 2016, for your lessons and challenges, your gifts and rewards. You gave hope and joy more compelling reasons to float.
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Shiny Story
30 December 2016 @ 10:20 pm
It really was a very beautiful day, with the perfect weather.
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Shiny Story
29 December 2016 @ 11:25 pm
Deep, deep breath and a brace to get all the things that were wrong out.

We're almost there. We will be better.
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Shiny Story
28 December 2016 @ 11:49 pm
It's the Feast of the Holy Innocents, and today, I simply want to celebrate angels, whether they know they are or not.
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Shiny Story
27 December 2016 @ 03:27 pm
The enamel sun charm from Pandora

It's basic as basic does, but I've joined the rest of the basics in building my own Pandora bracelet. With the exception of one travel charm, my bracelet and all the accessories have so far been gifts. But if there's one that I'm eyeing to get for myself in the near future, it's this one, the enamel sun. It's a wearable, tangible wink at me to be true to my nature and to live up to the name my parents gave me.

It's saying: Always remember who you are. The sun always shines, even behind clouds.
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Shiny Story
Ha Seok-jin and Jeon So-min as Lee Jae-in and Kim Da-hyun
1% of Something (2016)

Poster b-cut, photo from Godin Media

It may not be a far-fetched claim for me to say that no self-respecting nutritionist will say that ice cream is good for one's heart. It's made of dairy--which means fats, and sugar, and other stuff not generally recommended for those watching their weight or health.

Although, they might concede that ice cream is good for the proverbial heart.

If dramas are food, they'd be ice cream, I think. Not exactly nutritious, but a dose on occasion may be good for the good vibes. It's not about its substance that makes it good for you, but the tingle, the sugar-high, the little happiness that it makes you feel.

I consume dramas like I consume ice cream: a whole serving of the staple favorites; a dash of the familiar; a scoop once in a while of the interesting. I suppose I can still call up my college-student practice of content analysis and critique, but it takes the simple fun away from enjoying something as uncomplicated as ice cream.

And if dramas are ice cream, then "1% of Something" is the old-fashioned, homemade one found in some specialty stores and came in a combination of my favorite flavors that I didn't think anybody knew about but somehow came up with. There's nothing more I can say about it, really, except that I agree with what's already been written out there. This is certainly #feels over #thoughts. I had happily surrendered all my senses (and will do it all over again, and again) for the absolute pleasure of this low-key, low-buzz production.

I associate times in my life with dramas, and in that sense, every drama I've seen has become a part of my life and tells a parallel story in my "real" world. "1% of Something" is no different--and it's a sweet, beautiful time that I've spent with the drama, along with the turn towards a sweet, beautiful time in my life, a soothing turn to spring and summer after what felt like a very long, very trying, very dreary winter. Finding "1% of Something" was somewhat serendipitous, making it somewhat special. It was enough to tickle the hopeless romantic in me that had buried itself much too deeply in a forgotten foxhole, and get me to hope for a lovely, good-natured, right romance for everyone.

Come back for more!Collapse )

I don't think I'm getting over my sweet tooth anytime soon.
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Shiny Story
25 December 2016 @ 09:28 am
His reason for everything.

And He, the reason for everything.
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Shiny Story
24 December 2016 @ 12:03 pm
The Great Scott! Exhibition
to celebrate Sir Walter Scott
and 10 years of Edinburgh as UNESCO City of Literature

Edinburgh Waverley Station, Edinburgh, Scotland
30 November 2016
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Shiny Story
12 December 2016 @ 04:58 pm

I commute to work. Every single (blasted, freaking, exhausting) day. Because I get too attached to things and places, and I just refuse to move.

And simply because I am stubborn that way.

Most days I drive this distance back and forth, with an average total travel time of three hours. Occasionally, I rely on shared and public services like Uber. The thing with this is for someone like me with control issues, though I enjoy not having to drive the distance, I also hate being reliant on the person holding the reins, so to speak. It's not so much the choice of roads and routes as the music choices, the interior temperature, the potency of car freshener and other such mundane things that I have strong personal preferences of that is the issue.

Add to that a batting average of very satisfactory rides in the morning and very unsatisfactory rides in the evening.

I know, with this morning's driver that the ride was going to be satisfactory--because it's the morning, and according to my scorecard, I'm expecting it to be on the positive side. I just didn't count on it being a simple way to feel the hug from the Universe.

My Uber driver this morning spoke about his faith, prompted from a very secular comment from me about me probably being his first ride of the day (I just deduced that, instinctively). He confirmed I was and when I asked him where he came from, because I guessed he was from the wider neighborhood, he said from mass, at the humble church I was baptized in. He wasn't preachy or self-righteous about this; in fact, it was all matter-of-factly small talk, as if he was saying he came from a run with his dog or the bakery to buy some breakfast bread. I appreciated that and I also appreciated that my spirit could find some encouragement towards the regeneration of my faith.

Love isn't easy, and it was never as evident to me as in the past year. But hope isn't, too. And faith is the hardest of them all. These, these that used to come easy to me suddenly wouldn't fit my heart, and I was struggling to regain my footing on lost ground.

Today, when a nit of my private demon is threatening to overshadow all the light I've found, I have this Uber driver remind me that angels exist and not because I'm blind--or tempted to be, means they are hiding from me. They are just hiding in plain sight.

Lately, I've been thinking about kindness and the little kindnesses to me that went unthanked because I couldn't identify them.

Most times, it's hard, life. But there are always angels in disguise. After all, they say, the stars are always shining even when we on earth couldn't see them.
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